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Mindspace Security Policy

Mindspace Outsourcing  Ltd  is  registered  with  the Data Protection Authority in the  UK.  It’s facility  in India  is  ISO 27001  certified.  When it comes to security Mindspace has a strict and regulated security policy which guards the work station and also keeps the network intact and protected. At Mindspace we truly understand that providing a harmonious and secured environment is dually important from employees and client’s point of view and thus we make sure utmost care is taken to safeguard both.

Work Station & Network Security at Mindspace:

  • Workstations usage restricted through Network, windows login, PC locking
  • Work done in Windows Server Environment with restricted access to Teachnical Head .
  • Fortigate Firewall is user to provided user base Internet access.
  • Paper-less environment: Dual-Monitor workstations, restricted access to printers
  • No external drive capabilities (CD Drives, Floppy Drives, and USB Ports) on workstations
  • Workstations secured individually by Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection.
  • Individual domain accounts for each processor to ensure limited access to source documents
  • Segmented LAN with firewall protection
  • Trackers installed on each workstation
  • Static IP Based Data Transfer Facility via SSL Protected FTP Servers.
  • dedicated VPS server for secured data transfer
  • Daily Backup is taken for servers and team emails .
  • We have a Business Continuity Plan in place .

Physical Security

  • Biometric Entry to the premises is restricted through secure access cards.
  • Premises Gaurded with Security gaurds.
  • The workstation and facilities surveillance is done by CCTV camera 24 x 7.
  • Facility also manned with security staff.

Employee Credibility

  • Employee recruitment is done after a through screening of their background and reference checks.
  • Employees sign in confidentiality agreement (NDA) with Mindspace before induction
  • Core information is shared only within a selected Team Leaders .
  • Constant monitoring through the trackers installed on the workstations

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