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Communication Workflow

One of the most vital aspects of any business project is the quality of the communication involved between all parties.

We have our client base spread in different parts of the world and it obviously brings in the different time zones factor.

Whether in terms of the initial establishment of specifications or short conversations to discuss project details, over the last 8 years we’ve understood it fully that communications are crucial to the success of delivered materials, and can have a considerable impact on the overall working experience.

In the outsourcing projects Communication issues are frequently cited as being a concern. There are a number of factors which raise this concern-

  • Language proficiency of outsourcing teams
  • Cultural or social barriers
  • Time zone differences

UK clients otherwise interested in reaping the benefits of outsourcing may be reluctant to trust their communication needs to those overseas.

Mindspace understands the role of communication as a major component of quality work and satisfying working experiences, and takes every measure to ensure that conversing and collaborating are carried out with professionalism and ease.

VOIP- We make real time conversations and discussions possible with our communication strategy. We are readily available for online chats or calls or through US phone lines.

Email– The best and most convenient way to reach out is email. From briefings to decisions all can be easily discussed and achieved with an email.

Online Conference and Collaboration Tools– GotoMeeting, is an excellent online conferencing software which we actively use where customer walkthroughs are required.

Instant Messaging Tools– A number of smart instant messaging tools are used by us like Skype &  Google Hangout etc.

Project Management Tools- These online project management tools allows us to keep our focus steady and remain up to date on our work. This  includes  our  inhouse  tool  , Asana  & Basecamp.

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